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04 June 2012 @ 11:17 pm
Terms for buyers  
These are the terms that I use for every sale post (DS), so please, read them carefully before buying something from me

1) About my items:

- I don't smoke and I don't have pets.

- I ship the items as clean as possible but not ironed, since they may wrinkle in the package.

2) About purchasing an item:

- Please, use this template when responding; that way I can add the shipping costs to the invoice:

The item you want to buy:
Your location:
Your Paypal address:

- Priority goes for the first person in leave a Paypal account. Leaving a question doesn't hold your place, but I always try to answer as soon as possible.

- Paypal fees for the items that not include them is 4% + 0,35€ (you must apply this for the item and the shipping costs).

- I don't refund the money in any case.

- If you need me to mark the package as gift and/or mark down the price for customs, please tell me about it (although you forget to ask me, I always tend to mark the price down at 70% or so).

3) About shipping:

- I ship from Europe (Spain).

- I always ship by registered and tracked mail, but keep in mind that this will be more expensive. If you don't want registered mail, please, let me know when you respond at the sale post.

- I wrap the things in bubble plastic or plastic and envelope paper, that way the package is lighter and less expensive to ship (anyway prices depend on the weight and volume of the item).

- I ship as soon as I can, so don't worry, I'll PM you with the tracking number and I'll keep you informed all the time.

- In any case, I won't ship without the money in my Paypal account.

- I'm not responsible of any damaged, stollen or lost package. I keep the receipts until you receive the package, just in case.

- If a package comes back to me undeliverable due to an error on your part, you will have to pay the shipping again (same goes if you refuse the package due to customs fees). If it's my fault, I will pay the shipping for you.

4) About reserves:

- Sometimes I can reserve items, but I'll not reserve them for more than 2 weeks.

- I'll ask for a 20€ deposit when doing this (add Paypal fees if they are not included or send it as gift).

- You'll be invoiced for the deposit the same day that you request the item and again for the rest in 2 weeks.

- If you refuse to buy the item once you've been invoiced for the deposit, I'll not refund it.

- I'll give you a neutral feedback if you don't buy the item after asking for a reserve.

5) About feedback:

- I always ask for the buyer EGL Feedback page, because I like to give feedback.

- Please, don't forget to leave some feedback on my EGL Feedback page, and use the proper format (given by EGL feedback):

✩I am the Buyer✩
❤ Type of Feedback: [Positive, Negative, or Neutral]
♡ Communication: 0/5
❤ Accuracy of item description: 0/5
♡ Was the item shipped when agreed upon?: 0/5
❤ Packaging: 0/5
♡ Overall experience: 0/5
❤ Additional comments: [comments about this transaction]
♡ URL: [copy & paste original sales URL]

6) Contact me:

- I always track my DS posts, so I'll check the answers in there.

- You can also send me a PM and I'll receive a notice in my mailbox. Check the 'sent message' option on my LJ account.

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